SellerCon 2019

A brief overview to the SellerCon

The world of Amazon keeps on varying. If we talk about making business, then Amazon sales are predicted to go beyond $300 billion in the year 2019. To continue at the forefront, you have to adopt the latest strategies as well as tactics, and resources that are used by top Amazon sellers around the world. More than 15,000 Amazon sellers have joined us from around the world over the past six years streaming live just to learn how to scale their brands.

At what place you can explore the SellerCon

Thousands of people will be joining in Las Vegas, Nevada in the upcoming year 2019 in order to discover a few questions like:

  • What’s working now on Amazon?
  • What’s changed?
  • How to build a thriving global brand?

Keep going, now it’s your turn.

If you possess your own brand that is related to physical products and you have a desire to sell more on Amazon, you’re in the right place. Then you should rush to join us live at SellerCon! Amazing’s 2019 SellerCon convention is coming. Such a conference is made for all Amazon Sellers who would like to develop and nurture their business.

The 3-day event will provide Amazon Sellers with prospects to learn from successful business owners, network with peers, as well as increase sales awareness.

Benefits you will get from conference:

Those that focus on the SellerCon 2019 will acquire the know-how of a few things that are mentioned as:

  • Run targeted advertising campaigns
  • Create email funnels that produce sales in the background
  • Develop listings
  • Create web pages
  • Content that converts into increased sales.

Where and when is SellerCon 2019?

The 2019 SellerCon is going to be held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 21–23rd.

What to Expect from the Amazing Seller Conference?

The SellerCon 2019 occurrence will kick-off with Amazing’s Co-founders, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback highlighting the weekend’s events.

SellerCon 2019 will be packed out with speakers plus events that are designed to inspire professional growth. Each conference has been constructed in order to provide attendees an understanding of the most excellent ways to employ proven strategies with problem solving strategies inside their own Amazon business.

Speakers will be sharing their best practices that how to stay well thought-out, structured and motivated within your own business. Presentations are assembled to make certain that all attendees understand the topics covered, despite of skill levels. The speakers chosen have proven entrepreneurial success and will be sharing the ways that how sellers can best attain their own business goals.

All planned sessions and speaking activities will present roadmaps to victory that serve as guiding principles in employing strategies for unusual business needs. Throughout sessions, significant and top business leaders will make you available with advanced seller strategies with the intention of delivering explicit processes they use to accomplish Amazon business success as well as connections to suppliers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs that can give a hand in business growth.

In the middle of sessions, a numerous activities are granted to expand attendees’ network and improve business progress.

What SellerCon is offering you?

 SellerCon offers a lot more opportunities to connect with fellow Amazon sellers during happy hours, general assemblies, catered lunches, income-level meetups, and several private party events. Access to limited networking opportunities will be given to sellers staying at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas during the 3-day conference.

Speaker Lineup for SellerCon

Speakers are cautiously selected to make sure each one is an expert on their subject matter and are excited to contribute to their knowledge, business strategies, and experiences on achieving success in a range of markets on Amazon. The 2019 SellerCon speakers are enlisted below:

  • Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback who are the Co-Founders of Amazing
  • Mike McClary and Richard Henderson who are the Amazing Selling Machine Creators
  • Dave Asprey is the Founder of Bulletproof
  • Ezra Firestone is well known Founder and CEO of
  • Cherie Yvette is a Founder of The Urban Cowgirl
  • Re Perez is a  Founder of Branding for the People
  • Kayrn Thomas, an Owner of
  • Anthony Balduzzi, known to be the Founder of The Fit Father Project and The Fit Mother Project
  • Gary Nealon, The Founder of
  • Manol Georgiev is the Facebook Marketing Consultant

What your ticket to SellerCon includes?

Don’t lose this chance to get your discounted ticket, as you know time is running out, so its better to register now. A few features are given below:

Trends & Strategies

You will have an access to the latest trends, strategies, as well as tactics in order to grow your sales and grow your brand on Amazon and beyond.

All Access Party

In this way, your own ticket to the SellerCon 2019 All Access Party is the place where you can commemorate and share the immense moments of the event.

Three Different Tracks

Whether you’re just getting started with your initial product or you’re by now selling $10 million or more on Amazon, focus the track that’s right for you.


You will a chance to network with thousands of other Amazon sellers, brand owners, plus speakers all in one place for a full 3-day experience.

Types of Tickets for the SellerCon Conference is offering you people with two types of tickets:

  • Premier
  • VIP

Deadline for availing discount: you need to buy your tickets by February 6th and then you will be able to receive a discounted rate.

What you will get from the Premier Pass:

  • The Premier pass includes entrée to all imperative sessions from top business leaders
  • Access to all breakout sessions during all three days of SellerCon 2019
  • A ticket to the Premier Access Cocktail Reception
  • Event mobile app access for $997

What you will get from the VIP Pass:

  • The VIP pass includes the whole thing from the Premier pass plus early access to the Keynote sessions to allocate for more opportunities to network as well as upfront seating
  • Admission to the private VIP Networking Lunch on all 3- days
  • An exclusive ticket to the VIP party
  • Entails recordings of all Breakout sessions as well as Keynote speakers so you can spend more time connecting and less time note taking for $1,297

When Increment in rates will occur: Rates will get an increment after February 6th. Tickets are accessible at You can easily obtain your tickets at Prices will get increase after February 6th, 2019.We are looking forward to see you there.

Carson Fackler from California told the reason behind their confidence lies in seeing all these people so excited as well as stoked and believing in it, and considering all the results has in fact helped us grow confidence in what we’re doing, and we have someplace to ask our queries and it’s been actually incredible.”

Who Should Attend?

If you advertise on Amazon or work for a corporation that sells on Amazon, then you have to be present at SellerCon 2019.
You’ll be trained about the latest along with the best strategies in order to grow your sales on this fast-changing platform.

Here's just an illustration of what you'll discover:

Amazon Sellers

  • How to entirely optimize your concerned product listing page in order to rank better for keywords
  • How to switch better and drive more sales with zero additional traffic
  • What’s working at the present to get more reviews on Amazon that’s 100% submissive?
  • The most effectual way to makeup and scale your Amazon Sponsored Products PPC ad campaigns
  • The most recent markets to go into and products to sell now on Amazon
  • Today’s most influential software tools to mechanize and balance your Amazon sales - and how to employ them the precise way

Brand Owners

  • The procedures that how some of the biggest consumer brand success stories of now built their brands up to $100 million and beyond
  • Also involves the latest strategies as well as tactics in order to scale your brand on Amazon
  • How to defend your brand and its status on Amazon so you can harvest the rewards without any risk
  • When and how to balance your sales on Amazon globally
  • How to strike into the thrilling new world of selling your products in China
  • Plus, learn how to scale outside of Amazon to broaden your horizons concerning your brand’s sales


Amazing was originated by Jason Katzenback plus Matt Clark with the hopes of making a difference in the world by educating entrepreneurs. The company is offering its customers online courses to become business owners of the entire levels. Their leading program, named as the Amazing Selling Machine, is an eight-week course giving students the required tools they need to start and balancing a business selling physical products made for leveraging Amazon’s platform. Amazing has given thousands of people all over the world the capability to be their own boss and achieve financial freedom.

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